ATOM & Health
Declaration of harmlessness to human health 

  • Traditional water softeners working by exchanging resins, of any make or model, treat the water "chemically": exchanging calcium ions (Ca++) and magnesium ions (Mg++) for sodium ions (Na+), this softens the water, but adds sodium in a greater quantity depending on the hardness of the water; resin exchangers also need to be disinfected periodically to prevent the build up of bacteria.
  • Polyphosphate systems add phosphate based salts to the water.
  • In water treatment systems by osmosis, the membranes, with their holes of varying diameter, remove from the water all the dissolved salts as well as all the other substances, organic or otherwise.
  • Our physical anti-lime systems SFAP (on the market for a good 15 years) and ATOM (currently provided with new circuitry) represent the right solution to problems deriving from lime because:
    1. they are not in contact with the water and not even with the pipelines, therefore there are no problems of hydrolysis, nor even with errant currents;
    2. it is not necessary to add any chemical products for them to operate properly;
    3. so: if it was drinkable before treatment, water treated with our technology remains the same also after treatment;
    4. with our treatment system there is no alteration in the organoleptic characteristics of the water, and therefore no change in the minerals it contains;
    5. in the area of treatment contained between the two electrodes - approximately 1.6 metres - there is only a weak electrical field present due to the electrical capacity created on the metal tubes;
    6. our equipment does not produce magnetic fields: as opposed to other companies in the same sector, our company having a sound understanding of electronics has decided since the beginning not to use magnetic fields due to the problems which they cause;
    7. our physical anti-lime systems are ecologically and economically the best solution on the market for the treatment of lime, both nationally and abroad, because they do not physically alter the chemical characteristics of the water, guaranteeing full usage through the taps, showers, washing machines, boilers, and preventing the formation of lime scale, or eliminating it.

We can therefore impartially declare that our systems SFAP and ATOM are in no way harmful to human health, they conform to the currently in force Legislative Decree No.31 of 02.02.2001 and with the subsequent Legislative Decree No. 27/2002, they are easy to install and are of very low maintenance, requiring only a simple check of the LED pilot lamp every 6 months.