Atom System

no magnetic
non elettromagnetic
easy to instal

Torino 27-30/11/2003

S. F.A.P. or ATOM is a physical system ( S.F.A.P. is the acronym for Powerfull Anti-Limestone Physical System) resulting from many years of study oriented to achieve a product unique for anti-limestone treatment.
It consists of a special signal generator and a pair of electrodes protected by patent, which powerfully allow to transfer shape of waves to the water mains with maximum electric safety.

Electrodes are fulcrum of this system and assure:

  • High mechanics strength;
  • High dielectric hardness;
  • Safe from common solvents;
  • Safe from strong acids and bases;
  • Reliable till 300° C;

Physical System S.F.A.P. or ATOM temporary (for 70 hours modifies limestone molecular structure and electric charge. For this reason S.FA.P. system installation will be only provided after having studied feasibility.
After installation a controlling-test will be carried out by specialized and authorized staff of our company.