has more than 20 years experience and considerable know-how in designing, producing and marketing ecological treatment systems for recycled and/or wastewater in both civil and industrial environments.
The company is made up of a team of highly qualified technicians and collaborators, both in Italy and abroad.

The long-time driving force at L.G. ENGINEERING in the research, development, and testing depart-ment is a "quasi" electronic engineer named LUCA.

In 1978, after graduating with a perfect grade point average in electronics from the I.T.I. GALILEO GALILEI in Leghorn, he enrolled in the College of Electronic Engineering in Pisa. Shortly before receiving his degree, he ceased his studies to nurture his increasing passion for research and invention, which resulted in numerous patents.

In 1998, he obtained a patent for his electronic calcium deposit preventing systems. Since 1984 he has obtained 5 other patents for ecological treatment methods of wastewater.

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For nearly three years, PAOLA has been the Marketing Director of L.G. ENGINEERING. She re-ceived a diploma in technical engineering with an 82/100 GPA from the I.T.I.S. A. MEUCCI in Florence. She has been on the national register of engineering technicians since 1993 and is currently working toward a degree in Environmental Engineering. Her work experience has been gained at companies of international importance.

For more than 15 years, L.G. ENGINEERING has been present on the national and international mar-kets with the well-known product line "S.F.A.P. CALCIUM DEPOSIT PREVENTER" (the most ad-vanced line which now has a new distribution circuit) and "ATOM, THE CALCIUM DEPOSIT PREVENTER OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM". Both are electronic, ecological and non-magnetic calcium deposit preventers, and many other products linked to the electronic and/or ecological sector.

L.G. ENGINEERING has successfully participated in SMI 2001 in Bologna, EXPOCOMFORT 2002 in Milan, SMI 2003 in Bologna last February and "RESTRUCTURA 2003" held in November in Turin.

L.G. ENGINEERING is the only company on the Web that displays actual installation photos online. This stems from its intent to have a clear, direct, open and proper relationship with the client and/or "end user" from the very start.

L.G. ENGINEERING will be happy to send a pre-installation assessment form by e-mail to all sincerely interested persons and/or companies within 24 hours of their request. Once the completed from has been returned, a proper estimate can be given.

L.G. ENGINEERING is able to monitor the installation of its products online by using modern computer technology.

L.G. ENGINEERING has developed an easy-to-install and extremely functional "Plug and Play" kit for single- and dual-family dwellings.

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