Employment Use

Besides having been chosen by many companies specialized in water treatment, S.F.A.P. or ATOM system boasts of hundreds of installations both for civil and industrial applications.

Thanks to the big quantity of different S.F.A.P. or ATOM products in addition to the execution on specific demands of customers, S.F.A.P. or ATOM System can solve in fact numerous different problems in the following fields:
  • Water Lines;
  • Water on boats;
  • Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Barracks, Schools;
  • Camping-places, Agritourism, Green Houses ;
  • Paper-mills, Hydro-electric power plants;
  • Fitness-centers, Swimming-pools, Clinics, Hospitals;
  • Flats;
  • Plants: air-conditioning, potable , bottling, pasteurization, humidification systems, heating, sterilisation, building maintenance, etc.;
  • Industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, alimentary, bottling pickles, tanning, maintenance, dairy, electronical, metals superficial treatments, etc.;
  • Pipes and plate exchange;
  • Laundries, Ironing-shop, low-pressure steam;
  • Car Washers, Ice machines, Ferry Boats, Navy Applications, Little cooling towers,
  • Zootechnics;